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          Origins: 回顾:淵源

"Ngee Ann Polytechnic Chinese Orchestra (NPCO) presents Origins: (回顾•淵源), which consists of a fully traditional repertoire, signifying NPCO’s return to the origins of a Chinese Orchestra – traditional Orchestral music.
Pieces include A Va Mountain, Jasmine Flower, and Terracotta Warriors Fantasia. Two concerto pieces will also be featured in this concert - a duet dizi concerto, Sentiments of Yellow Land, and a Zhongruan concerto, The Blossoming.
Join us on this journey to rediscover and uncover the origins of a Chinese Orchestra.

义安理工华乐团为您献上 回顾•淵源,此音乐会为您带来的首首传统民乐,会带您穿越,看到民乐最原始的模样 - 传统民乐。
所演奏的歌曲有 阿佤山,茉莉花,秦兵马俑幻想曲。此外还有两首协奏曲 - 笛子二重奏,黄土情 还有中阮协奏曲,绽放。

Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre


17 Nov 19 (Sun)  5:00pm

Ticket: $12

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